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Sam Bonsignore
Professional Human Resources Services


Stage 1

  • Meet with and listen to client to understand organizational culture/dynamics and open position(s)
  • Provide assistance, as necessary, to complete a clearly written position description for each opening
  • Prepare and execute a recruiting strategy/search process based on the circumstances of the opening

Stage 2

  • Identify prospective candidates that meet client specifications and screen them for compatibility
  • Present screened candidates to client for consideration and 1st round interviews
  • Arrange 1st round interview(s) for client
  • Debrief candidate after interview(s) and listen to client feedback
  • Pursue additional candidates as necessary and arrange 2nd round interviews with viable candidates
  • When finalist candidate(s) are identified, communicate with rejected candidates
  • Pre close finalist candidate(s) and negotiate elements of offer as necessary
  • Complete reference check and arrange for background check on finalist candidate(s)
  • Based on securing successful reference check and background check complete details of offer
  • Extend offer at client request and close candidate(s) on new opportunity

Stage 3

  • Assist client, as requested, with orientation and on-boarding process of new hire(s)
  • Follow up with candidate(s) after first week in new position and after first and sixth month as well
  • Communicate with client as needed


About SCB Enterprises Inc.

Focused on Recruiting the RIGHT Talent for your Organization

  • Dedicated to Conducting Research and Aggressively Pursuing Targeted Candidates
  • Effective at Assessing Compatibility and Determining which Candidates are Qualified Prospects
  • Skilled in Persuading Passive Talent to Explore your Opportunity
  • Tenacious at Follow Through and Facilitating the Hiring Process
  • Diplomatic at Collaboration and Decision Making to Achieve Consensus

About Sam Bonsignore

Sam has worked in the Human Resource field since 1980 focusing his time mostly in recruiting and selecting the best talent for the organizations he has served. His work has involved representing organizations of all sizes as both an employee and as an external consultant. He has successfully filled positions at all levels in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Management, Operations, IT, and in most other disciplines. He has also been successful using creative methods to find passive candidates for some of the more challenging roles that organizations need to fill periodically.

The organizations Sam has served include Parker Hannifin Corporation, Joy Manufacturing Corporation, Automated Packaging Systems Inc. and The Norton Company. He has been a consultant for Rockwell Automation, Case Western Reserve University, Staffing Solutions and RJ Evans and Associates.

Sam has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Psychology from John Carroll University and has completed numerous courses, seminars and workshops in Human Resource Management emphasizing Interviewing and Selection.

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Mobile: 216-536-9694
Office: 440-543-4480